St Agnes’ Parish – One Body Many Parts


At St Agnes' Parish we put Christ at the heart of everything we do. Our vision and mission "everything is to be oriented to the praise and glory of God" is the backbone in all of our services and how we serve the community each day. Video created: 2015 Father Donnelly: [...]

We are about “Celebrating Life”


A glimpse into life at Catholic Care of the Aged where we provide services including, residential care, aged care and community care. Video created: 2015 Speaker 1: “I absolutely love them, they are just like family” Speaker 2: “I’m very happy here, and I think they do a wonderful job” Speaker 3: [...]

Our Values – Nourished By Faith


Christ is at the heart of all that we do at St Agnes’ Parish. We believe that our services are strengthened by our foundation of faith. By leading with heart and humility we are able to reach out to all on the journey, particularly those in need. This short film is a small [...]

A Life Less Ordinary


A Life Less Ordinary, is a 40 minute documentary style of the work of Father Leo Donnelly during his time as Parish Priest of Port Macquarie for over 60 years. Video created: 2017 Transcript for a Life Less Ordinary Trailer “I remember coming in to the main street there, the whole [...]

Our Values – Courageous Stewardship


As St Agnes' Parish we take responsibility for all that has been entrusted to us from who have come before and we believe in preserving it for those who will come next. Through this short video, we focus on ones of our living breathing values - Courageous Stewardship and how we incorporate [...]

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