Enrolling in Kindergarten 2021


As our Kindergarten 2021 Information Night was cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions we developed a video, for families interested in enrolling their children at Kindergarten in our primary schools for 2021. The video includes information from our primary school principals outlining our holistic approach to learning, pastoral care and partnerships with [...]

St Agnes’ Parish – One Body Many Parts


At St Agnes' Parish we put Christ at the heart of everything we do. Our vision and mission "everything is to be oriented to the praise and glory of God" is the backbone in all of our services and how we serve the community each day. Video created: 2015 Father Donnelly: [...]

St Agnes’ Parish Schools – Enrol in Excellence


St Agnes' Parish schools invites you to enrol in excellence. Find out more here Video created: 2015 We invite you to enrol in excellence in St Agnes’ Parish Schools. A student can spend up to 2275 days in school in their life time. Each of these days is a gift. Each [...]

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