It’s never too late to start your career – Donna’s Story


Donna's story reminds us, it is never too late to start a career. Donna has worked with CCA as an AIN since 1998 however over the past 5 years has completed more study and completed her Bachelor of Nursing while still working at Emmaus. Video created: 2017 Donna: “Hi, I am [...]

Never stop learning – Victoria’s Story


Victoria's story showcases how life can change in an instant. Victoria reached out to JHI to gain some further training in hospitality. This is Victoria's story. Video created: 2017 Victoria – “I can tell you that your life can change in an instant, and mine did when my husband passed. I [...]

Thinking of changing career paths? Steve’s Story


When Steve moved to Port Macquarie 2009 he was a truck mechanic and looking for employement. Whilst unemployed Steve volunteered with CCA. Steve then decided to enrol in Certificate lll in Aged Care. Since then Steve has completed many more certifications and is working in St Agnes' Hostel. Watch to learn more [...]

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