Victoria’s story showcases how life can change in an instant. Victoria reached out to JHI to gain some further training in hospitality. This is Victoria’s story.

Video created: 2017

Victoria – “I can tell you that your life can change in an instant, and mine did when my husband passed.

I didn’t have life insurance. I didn’t have much of anything that would help me to continue the lifestyle that we had. So I ended up having to sell everything to pay for his funeral and that left me homeless. I wanted to focus on getting training, that’s why I came to JHI.”

Rod: My name is Rod, and I work for John Henry Institute. I am a trainer and assessor for the John Henry Institute. My specialty area is hospitality. The course was a little bit different to other hospitality courses in that we did it in the club in the premises. Using the staff and all of the amenities that are available there.

So the students learned first hand, real customers and real environment all the things that can go wrong in a workplace they get to experience those.

Victoria: “I found it quite simple, because I have worked all my life, I’ve done retail. There was a lot to learn just the specifics, having a pedantic teacher and you have to polish the silverware and have set just right, learning how to fold napkins.”

Rod: “Victoria did particular well in class, she’s a woman who come from difficult circumstances and really achieved and turned into a mentor for the other students.”

Victoria: “We had each other to discuss and learn from. Rod has tonnes of experience, he has a wealth of information, very energetic and enthusiastic in class.

The young girls, they never even had a job, so this was all very new to them and he was able to explain everything in a way, in a simple way that it was understandable.

When we were getting ready to do the RSA we actually went out to Cassegrains Winery and had a tour to see how wine was made, went through the whole bottling process, that was really fun so. You know it’s not just sitting in a classroom all day long reading a book and getting lectured at, we were out and about. I think the more wider variety of learning and certificates then it shows that I am not just sitting doing nothing, I’m being proactive in my education and in my search for work.”

Rod: “I love working for John Henry Institute, its different to other RTO’s that I have worked for. It’s different in the way that there is more care. They care about the students. Not only their academic or vocational skills achievements about the person and service.”

Victoria: “You know we went around town, going to places, seeing what types of jobs were available. Went to the aged care, serving them lunch. I started applying for jobs and August 20th the government has that incentive to hire someone my age so I get the ten thousand dollars, I’m hoping with that and my certificates, I will get a job.

I would say never stop learning. The education is there and it’s affordable, so why not, you get to meet new people and just expand your horizons.”