Art Therapy is a dementia-friendly program which provides residents with social inclusion and connection on a deeper level. There are several sessions including “Art for Fun” and “Timeslips” that are offered to residents within our CCA facilities through the Glasshouse Community connection program.

Video created: 2016

Justin Cramp: “The art program that we have running here, through the Glasshouse through our community connection there, we are really blessed to have it”

Ronne Webb: “We do several programs including, Art for Fun and Timeslips”

Lisa Hort: “The benefits are their ability to express themselves creatively. Stretch their brains, their skills so you engage with them on a deeper connection”

Justin: Especially with our dementia residents to see them connect with the photos and with the memories”

Lisa: “So that elevates that need to have an answer.”

Ronne: “One lady in particular – Peggy, she just loves it. Normally is quite restless, as soon as she starts her artwork, she is just in another world”

Lisa: “People are happy, they communicate, they chat, they have discussion, there’s social inclusion, their not isolated”

Justin: “Very good percentage of our residents suffer some level of Dementia. It is a devastating disease and it’s heartbreaking to watch people go through it and to watch peoples families go through it as well, it’s some comfort through some of these programs”

Lisa: “…and have that cross connection with our elderly, their important. We still need to be… they live within a facility but we really need to learn how to draw our outer community in so we can become a whole community”