Five loaves and two fish feed five thousand

In John’s Gospel (6: 1-15) today we hear how Jesus feeds a large crowd of people, who had followed him and his disciples to the Sea of Galilee, with just five barley loaves and two fish.

Fr Paul draws our attention to similarities between the actions of Jesus in this Gospel and Elisha (2 Kings 4) and Moses (Exodus 16). The people immediately recognise Jesus as someone from God because of his actions. In this Gospel, people begin to realise Jesus is the one. He can do incredible things. More people believe and follow him.

Fr Paul says the actions we see in this Gospel of taking, giving thanks and giving out are replicated in the Eucharist – we have the gifts in the offertory procession, we give thanks for them and they are given out. Everyone who comes is fed.

Fr Paul, conscious that we are not able to receive the Eucharist now, invites us to pray, to give thanks and appreciate the treasure we have in the Eucharist.