Jesus explains how he is the way to the Father

This Gospel from John (14: 7-14) follows on from yesterday’s Gospel and we see the same pattern – Jesus teaching his disciples, one of them expresses doubt and Jesus continues his teaching.

In this Gospel, Jesus explains how he is the way to the Father.

Fr Paul uses a scene from the movie ‘The Dish’ to illustrate the exasperation Jesus must have felt when Phillip questions him in this Gospel.

Jesus says he was sent by God and fully represents God.

Fr Paul expands on this saying ‘Jesus fully represents the one who sent him… he has the same powers as God…. deserves the same respect and honour as the one who sent him, God the Father’.

Using the text of this Gospel, Fr Paul also gives a beautiful explanation of Prayer.

Prayer is where we enter into relationship with God. Jesus is the way to the Father so we enter into that relationship with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit – one God, three persons.

In prayer, Fr Paul says, we can give thanks for our blessings; we can give thanks for things we have asked for and received; we can listen to what God is saying to us; and we can place our petitions before God.

God’s answer to our prayer may not be what we expect. God will answer the prayer in God’s time and in God’s Way.