The world loves its own

In this passage from John’s Gospel (15: 18-21), Jesus talks about persecution, his and those who choose to follow him.

Fr Paul says that, after cleansing the temple at the beginning of his ministry, the temple authorities in Jerusalem were wary of Jesus. From then on, his life was under threat.

Jesus knows persecution is ahead of him. John the Baptist has already suffered persecution and paid with his life for proclaiming Jesus.

Followers of Jesus down through the centuries have lived under constant threat. Two examples from biblical times are the stoning of Stephen and the torture of Paul.  To this day, in many parts of the world, a hatred exists for Christianity and there is persecution of those who proclaim themselves Christians.

In this Gospel Jesus says that as part of being Christian we will experience this persecution, at times.

For our reflection today, Fr Paul asks us think about ‘What can I do to support those in our world who are being persecuted for proclaiming Christ as Lord? What do I need to do to have the courage to make that proclamation myself?