Jesus: Whatever you ask in my name will be given to you

Fr Paul says today’s Gospel (John 16: 22-28) brings to an end the discourse Jesus has been teaching the disciples over the last week.

At the beginning of the week, Jesus talked about the work of the Holy Spirit; in the middle, he talked about turning the sorrow and loss into joy; and as we come to the end of the week and to the Ascension, Jesus is promising and teaching his disciples about peace.

He gives them encouragement saying that even though he is leaving and going to the Father, the Spirit will be with them to guide and strengthen them.

Think about the disciples for a moment – their world was turned upside down when Jesus was crucified on the cross. They thought their mission and world was over, which brought great distress into their lives.  You can sense through the Gospel readings that they are facing this for a second time, with Jesus telling them he is leaving to return to the Father.

Jesus assures his disciples that God loves them and will answer their prayers – whatever you ask for in my name will be given to you.  These are words of peace and encouragement to the disciples. Fr Paul asks, how assured do we feel when someone says ‘I love you’ or offers to help us no matter what?

Today for reflection, Fr Paul asks that we look around us to see if there is someone who needs some encouragement – is there someone in my life who needs assurance? Take a moment to contact that person (phone, text, email…), let them know you are thinking of them and encourage them to continue what they are doing.  Be a witness of Jesus to them.