Jesus calls us to mission, ministry and service

In John’s Gospel (13: 16-20) today, Fr Paul says we are listening to a part of the Last Supper that follows on from the Holy Thursday reading (where Jesus washes the feet of his disciples), which we don’t ordinarily hear.

This Gospel is the only one during the Easter season when we revisit the Last Supper. It continues the underlying theme we have heard in our previous Gospel reflections, of unity between Jesus and the Father.

Yesterday, Fr Paul spoke of the mission of Jesus to save the world and of the condition of that salvation, which is to believe in him.

Today, he says we are challenged by the example of service Jesus gives at the Last Supper, to carry on the work of Jesus through mission, ministry and service.

Each of us is called to serve others.
How can I meet this challenge? How can I service others at this time?