Feast of St Matthias

Matthias is elected to the twelve

For today’s Feast of St Matthias Fr Paul reads from the Acts of the Apostles (1: 15-26) about Matthias’ election to the twelve, which is the only time he is mentioned in the scriptures.

Fr Paul draws our attention to some interesting points about the early Church. This reading notes there were 120 in the community so the group who followed Jesus was larger than we tend to think. We also see the early workings of the Church… how its administration worked, how staff were chosen.

Twelve is a significant number for the community as there were twelve tribes of Israel.
The first thing the disciples turn to after the Ascension of Jesus is decide who will replace Judas because there has to be twelve.

Peter outlines the conditions required for the replacement; that the person had to have been with the disciples from the beginning of Jesus’ ministry to be a witness to what Jesus did.

The group then enters into a process – two were nominated, the group prayed, lots were drawn and Matthias was chosen to give witness as one of the twelve.

Fr Paul’s question for our reflection and prayer today – Like Matthias, how can I in my life now give witness to the risen Jesus?