In reflecting on today’s Gospel (John 10: 31-42), Fr Paul notes that Jesus’s detractors quibble about titles and authority, threatening to stone Jesus. The real reason for their condemnation of Jesus is his claim to be divine. Jesus counters by asking them to consider the works he does, saying his actions show his union with the Father.

At the end of this Gospel Jesus goes back to the river Jordan where he was baptised by John and where he started his ministry – he goes full circle as his life on earth comes to an end.

Being mindful that Jesus focused on actions to show his unity with the Father, Fr Paul asks us what actions we might take in our own life in order to be Christ-like to those around us… Is there someone we can reach out to and call, particularly in this time of isolation? Some act of kindess we can do for a neighbour who can’t get out? How today can my actions reflect my union with God?

Celebrate Palm Sunday this weekend

As a sign of unity in our isolation, Fr Paul also invites us to join with others around the world in celebrating Palm Sunday by placing a piece of palm at the front of our homes. Your palm will symbolise that Palm Sunday is worth proclaiming and will be a reminder to all to keep Holy Week, holy.