Fr Paul reads today’s Gospel (John 8: 21-30), which sees the start of a narrative, a theme that will run until the end of Lent.

Jesus is talking to the Jews and Pharisees about where he is going and says they cannot come because they do not believe.  This Gospel makes it quite clear that Jesus comes from God. As Jesus talks he also reveals that it is not about him but, rather, about what is pleasing to God.

This Gospel flags the confusion of the days ahead and identifies two groups: those who do not believe and those who come to believe. It raises many questions about Jesus, chief among them ‘Who are you?’

Fr Paul asks us to listen to some of Jesus’s words, ‘I am from above; I am not of this world; He who sent me is with me’ and notes that twice Jesus states ‘I am he’.

As we continue our Lenten journey, we are mindful of the confusion and of the questions being asked. Let us reflect on ‘who Jesus really is’ as we see this question played out in the week ahead.