Fr Paul reads from the Gospel of Luke (24: 13-35) in which the risen Jesus walks with two disciples on the road to Emmaus.

Fr Paul says, this Gospel is very much a story of the journey of faith in the risen Christ. Two disciples start off in deep depression and suffering disappointment, but they are open minded and willing to learn. As the stranger explains the scriptures to them and the meaning of all that has happened, their minds are opened.

We also know from the scripture that their hearts, too, burned within them as they hear this explanation but in some ways their eyes remain closed because it is only when they share the sacramental meal that they finally recognised the Risen Christ.  Once these disciples have this intimate personal encounter with Jesus they return to the Holy City and spread the news of the Resurrection.

Fr Paul says, this is what we as Christians are now called to do.  We too, in our turn, are called to go and share the good news with others that Christ is risen. We, too, are called to tell others of the meaning of the Resurrection of Jesus.