When the Son of Man comes

Fr Paul begins by reading today’s Gospel from Luke (17:26-37) in which Jesus tells his disciples ‘Whoever tries to preserve their life will lose it, and whoever loses it will keep it safe’.

Fr Paul tells us that what is being described in this Gospel is what will happen at the coming of the Son of Man.  The coming of the Son will the glorious and triumphant figure who was prophesised by Daniel (7: 13) and who will be given all power and authority.

The writer of Luke is using conventional terms of Jewish apocalyptical writing for this final cataclysmic event, which will bring all things into line with God’s plan for the world.

The suddenness, the inescapability, the warning not to try to salvage property or one’s own life are all part of this Gospel reading.

Fr Paul says with this in mind for our reflection today, as we move towards the end of the Church’s year, we might ask ourselves, ‘If Jesus suddenly appeared to us now, without warning, would we be ready to meet him? Would we be ready to follow his plan for us?