Tony Worner, Leader of Formation for St Agnes Catholic Parish, reads from Matthew’s Gospel (6: 19-23) in which Jesus says, ‘where your treasure is, there will your heart be also’.As happened at various times during the COVID pandemic, when we heard announced that shops would be closing, Tony asks, what was your first reaction? What was it that you did, was to go and buy items, to store them up? If so, what were they? And how much of the item did you actually buy? Why was this important? Think of the run, pardon the pun, on toilet paper! What we consider valuable shows us where our hearts are. Tony invites us to take time today and write down, or at least reflect on, what we believe the real treasures in our life are. Are any of them lasting treasures? If they are, what makes them so? And for these, give thanks to God for these special gifts. Tony concludes by praying the Prayer Pope Francis has suggested for June … Gracious God, Thank you for the gift of today. Refresh me, Invite me to discover your presence in each person that I meet And every event that I encounter. Teach me when to speak and when to listen When my day goes well, may I rejoice. When it grows difficult, surprise me with new possibilities. When life is overwhelming, Restore me to your peace and harmony. May my living today reveal your Goodness. Amen