Fr Prodencio Bognay, Assistant Priest at St Agnes’ Catholic Parish, reads from the Gospel of Luke (12: 54-59) in which Jesus says to the crowds, ‘You do not know how to interpret these times’.Fr Prodencio says there is no doubt that with the advancement in science and technology over the years, we have become more accurate in our readings and interpretations of many things. The only missing part that we still struggle with is that, just like during the time of Jesus, the interpretations are almost devoid of anything sacred or divine as far as our experiences are concerned.This is not about putting all the credits to God nor about attributing the sacred to where it does not belong, rather, Fr Prodencio says, it is about the reality that we just fail to identify and recognize the sacred in our experiences.Jesus strongly condemned the so-called expertise of the people during his time when it came to claims of reading the signs of the times. It was not because their readings were wrong. It was rather because they were too focused on the external reality while they failed to listen to their own internal moral compass which is about their spiritual journey.Fr Prodencio notes, it is easy for us to be preoccupied with reading what is going on around us because we find satisfaction in something we feel we are able to measure.Fr Prodencio invites us to continue reflecting on the radical challenge of Jesus on how we can keep up to date with our own moral compass to experience the sacredness of our journey.