Tony Worner, our Leader of Formation, notes that today is the memorial of John Paul II, and reads from Luke’s Gospel (12: 54-59) in which Jesus asks the crowd, ‘How is it you do not know how to interpret these times?

In all times, in ours as in Jesus’s, it is more attractive to live comfortable lives without trying to understand what is going on. Tony says, Jesus uses harsh words to condemn our laziness and distraction.  What are the signs of the times? How can we understand them?  We listen to weather forecasters telling us what is to happen from their reading to the signs and instruments available to them. Predictions can vary depending on climatic conditions but, generally, they are fairly accurate.

Pope John XXIII invoked the Second Vatican Council in response to trying to read the signs of the times and the recent beginning of the Plenary Council here in Australia is trying to discern, what is the spirit saying to us at this time?

For ourselves, do we try and listen to the spirit in our own lives, what is being said, what is being asked?  The Lord always gives us signs that guide our faith lives.

In closing Tony invites us to pray: ‘We pray for the freedom to see and the wisdom to interpret and the courage to live what is given to us. Amen’.