Interpreting the times

Fr Paul reads today’s Gospel from Luke (12:54-59), which can be talked about in relation to interpreting the times.

Fr Paul says Jesus gives two bits of practical advice using simple images from our everyday life.

Firstly, Jesus uses our alertness to changes in the weather and he uses it as an image of our alertness to sacred opportunity. That sacred moment, that special moment, for Jesus is the arrival of the Kingdom and what he is asking is: Are our eyes open to the opportunities around us to make the kingdom of God a reality?

Secondly, Jesus talks about taking matters to court and what’s at the heart of this is about making our own decisions rather than attempting to escape by relying on the decisions of others.  Jesus is saying to us that the ultimate judge of any action is our own conscience and responsibility for this cannot be passed on to someone else.

So with this second piece of advice in mind, Fr Paul invites us to ask ourselves ‘Am I listening and responding to my own conscience or am I always relying on others?’