Today, Anne O’Brien, reads from the Gospel of Luke (10: 13-16) in which Jesus says, ‘“Anyone listens to you listens to me; anyone who rejects you rejects me; but those who reject me reject the one who sent me.’ In Luke’s gospel passage, Anne notes, Jesus is addressing specific cities and delivering a message about judgment and responsibility. Jesus begins by pronouncing “woes” upon Chorazin and Bethsaida. He is expressing deep sorrow and judgment upon these cities for their failure to respond to His teachings and the miracles He performed there. The people in these cities had witnessed miraculous signs, but they did not repent or turn to God. Jesus then suggests that if the same miracles had been performed in the pagan cities of Tyre and Sidon, they would have repented. This underscores the seriousness of Chorazin and Bethsaida’s lack of response. Jesus mentions Capernaum, which was a prominent city where He had performed many miracles and spent a significant amount of time. He indicates that Capernaum, despite its exalted position, will also face judgment. He contrasts Capernaum’s future with the notion of being “lifted to the heavens,” suggesting that it will not experience such elevation but rather descend to a negative fate. Anne says at the end of this passage, in verse 16, Jesus emphasizes the idea that those who listen to His disciples are, in effect, listening to Him, and those who reject His disciples are rejecting Him and God the Father who sent Him. This underscores the importance of accepting and heeding Jesus’ message. This Gospel passage serves as a warning about the consequences of rejecting Jesus’ teachings and the responsibility that comes with hearing the message of the Gospel. It highlights the importance of repentance and turning to God in response to His message of salvation. Anne invites us to pray together that we listen and take heed of his message. Lord our God, help us to be the true disciples of Christ, loyal to him in all things. May we be a truly repentant people, united in our commitment to justice and to the healing and purification of your beloved Church. Amen.