Tess Koning, a member of our Parish Pastoral Council and Principal of St Peter’s Primary school reads from the Gospel of Luke (11: 15-26) in which some people question by whose authority Jesus drives out evil spirits and accuse him of working for the ‘prince of devils’ Beelzebul. Today I would like to share with you a reflection on the Gospel from Pope Francis. He refers to two graces that we need to ask of the Lord in order to prevent the one who deceives, seduces and fascinates, from entering our lives. These are discernment and vigilance. Pope Francis says that a Christian must know how to discern situations, to know which is of God, coming from the Holy Spirit; and which is not of God, coming from the evil one. He also says that to practice vigilance, we should use an examination of conscience: what happened in my heart today and why? Today, Tess says, let us ask God for the grace of discernment and vigilance.