Fr Paul Gooley reads from the Gospel of Luke (6: 12-19) in which Jesus spent the whole night in prayer before gathering his disciples the next morning to announce those whom he had chosen to be Apostles. Afterwards, Fr Paul shares a little about Apostles, Saint Simon and St Jude, whose feasts we celebrate today.Fr Paul notes that Simon is eleventh in the list of the twelve Apostles. He is known as ‘Simon the Zealot’, but we know nothing else about him. His other name of “Simon Cananaeus” simply adapts another Hebrew word for “zeal” and has nothing to do with the town of Cana.Moving onto Jude, Fr Paul notes he also called Thaddaeus. Jude is the apostle who, at the Last Supper, asked the Lord why he showed himself only to the disciples and not to the world. For many centuries Jude was scarcely venerated because people confused him with Judas Iscariot. Jude is the patron saint of lost and desperate causes.Today as we celebrate the lives of these two Apostles, Fr Paul invites us to pray,’ St Simon and Jude, pray for us!’