Fr Prodencio reads from the Gospel of Luke (12:54-59) in which Jesus says, ‘You do not know how to interpret these times’. Prodencio says, time and again, we still encounter some people claiming that they possess certain secret divine messages, or they have decoded certain signs of the times such as the coming of the end times. Usually, when these happen, there is a sense of self-exaltation and self-righteousness over the simple of act possessing the said secret divine information. The usual scenario is that the person confuses knowledge with enlightenment and therefore knowing more is being more enlightened. Instead of working on the message, the person exalts themself for being the lucky one to know. Instead of letting the divine message to unfold and remain as the focus, the carrier becomes the focus. This was the issue Jesus dealt with during his time and, unfortunately, we still encounter it every now and then. There is simply this tendency to confuse the information as the divine in itself. Also, there is the tendency to exalt and worship the person who possess the information. Fr Prodencio says, there is absolutely nothing wrong with possessing certain knowledge. Being trapped in the worship of knowledge makes it wrong, however. We keep in mind that being transformed by and becoming a living witness to what we know remains to be our universal calling.