Jesus questions the Pharisees on the Law

The Gospel story Fr Paul reads today is found only in Luke’s Gospel (14:1-6).

In this Gospel, Jesus cures a man on the Sabbath and, Fr Paul says, Jesus uses the same argument he used when he cured the woman who was bent over on the Sabbath, which we heard about on Monday.

The argument Jesus uses on both occasions is that if it is okay to care for and to help an animal on the Sabbath, then it should be okay to care for and help a human being.  Similar to when Jesus cured the woman, the Pharisees have no answer for this argument.

Again, Jesus simply wants to care for and heal others, even if it means failing to observe the Sabbath.

For our reflection, and as we come to the end of our week, Fr Paul says we might ask ourselves, ‘What needs the healing touch of Jesus in my life at the moment?’.