Fr Paul reads from Matthew’s Gospel (12: 38-42) in which Jesus responds to the Pharisees’ request for a sign by referring to the Old Testament story of Jonah in the belly of the whale.

Fr Paul says the Gospel we hear today uses the mysterious title ‘Son of Man’ and after the scribes and the Pharisees ask for a sign Jesus talks about the sign of the prophet Jonah; that is, he talks about resurrection after three days and three nights.

So after several stories which show the teaching authority of Jesus we are presented by Matthew with two cases of response to Divine wisdom. The Pharisees, the most observant of the people of God, refuse to recognise God’s teaching when it comes. Contrast that with the outsiders who recognise the teaching of God immediately.

For our reflection today, Fr Paul asks, ‘Do I recognise God’s teaching in my life?’