Feast of St Bartholomew

Fr Paul reads from the Gospel of John (1: 45-51) which tells of Philip taking Nathanael to meet Jesus.

Today we remember and celebrate the life of St Bartholomew – you may question why the Gospel used today talks about Philip and Nathanael rather than Bartholomew? Fr Paul says Bartholomew is also identified as Nathanael but that this is a bone of contention among scholars.

What is known of Bartholomew is that he was born at Cana and he was brought by the apostle, Philip, to meet Jesus. Hence, why we read this Gospel today. After that there is really nothing else known of Bartholomew for certain.

There is a contention that he went to India on a missionary journey and left a copy of the Gospel of Matthew there. Ultimately, it was thought that he journeyed to Armenia and while there he was martyred. He was put to death was by being skinned alive, as was the Persian custom of the time.

Fr Paul say Bartholomew’s relics are believed to have been enshrined on the island of Tiber, which is a very small island in the river in Rome. Used mainly as a hospital, the island is also home to a Church of Bartholomew.

Today we remember and celebrate the life of St Bartholomew, an apostle and a man who continued to spread the faith until he was put to death. Fr Paul invites us to ask for his intercession on our behalf.

St Bartholomew pray for us