Fr Paul reads from the Gospel of John (16: 29-33) in which the disciples say to Jesus, ‘Now we can see that you know everything and do not have to wait for questions to be put into words, because of this we believe that you came from God’. Fr Paul says today’s Gospel, continuing from Saturday, brings to an end the second version of the discourse of Jesus after the Last Supper. It ends with an inspiring reassurance of what has already been taught. We hear the whole language of ‘you are not speaking in metaphors; you are speaking in plain words’.  The themes of love and belief that have been constant throughout our Easter season are also present in this reading. We learn in this Gospel that the disciples are now to be scattered all over the earth. They are about to go out on their mission. Jesus is saying to them that as they go out, they can do so secure in the knowledge that the union between Father and Son is still in place; still complete; and will give them strength as they do their mission.This unity of the Father and Son, says Fr Paul, now makes us ready through the disciples for the coming of the Spirit at Pentecost and that will complete our Trinity.