Fr Paul reads from the Gospel of John (4: 43-54) about the royal official who, when he hears of Jesus’s return to Galilee, goes to him and begs Jesus to heal his son who is gravely ill in Capernaum.Fr Paul says this story of the official’s son appears in three Gospels with slight variations. In this Gospel from John, it is the son of a court official. After the boy’s cure, John mentions that this is the second sign given by Jesus. Some may be aware that the first 12 chapters of John’s Gospel contain seven signs and that these first 12 chapters are commonly known as the ‘Book of Signs’. In John, too, he explicitly uses the term ‘signs’ as they are signs of spiritual value and of Jesus’s own glory.This second sign we hear about today is the gift of life and, Fr Paul notes, in John this has overtones of eternal life for this is what Jesus has come to bring.So mindful of our Gospel today, Fr Paul invites us to consider, ‘What can Jesus bring life to in my life during this Lent?’