Fr Paul reads from the Gospel of Luke (5: 17-26) in which some men lowered a paralysed man in through the roof of the house where Jesus was teaching, in the hope that Jesus would heal him.Fr Paul continues to read from the ‘Heart of the Disciple’ booklet for our daily reflections and says Jesus could have said to the paralysed man, ‘your sins are forgiven, and walked away. No one would have known whether the man’s sins were actually forgiven or not.  The forgiveness of sins is not something that we can see, like a physical healing.Jesus’ physical healing of the paralysed man demonstrates that he has the power to forgive sins. The crowed is stunned by the physical healing. In reality, the forgiveness of sins is a much bigger deal, but the crowd must believe that he has the authority to do that before they can recognise it.  The physical healing allows the man to use his legs for the rest of his earthly life; but the forgiveness of sins saves the man from eternity way from the presence of God.  Jesus wants the crowd to believe in the spiritual healing, in the way they believe in the physical healing.God heals us in many ways that cannot be seen.  The healing of an injury or a disease is miraculous and amazing but how much more miraculous and amazing is the healing of our minds from decades of destructive self-talk? What about the healing of a relationship thought to be irredeemable? Or what of the final healing, the one that we should hold in deep reverence: the complete healing we receive through the power of the death and resurrection of Jesus? If, gazing on the face of Christ, you feel unable to let yourself be healed and transformed, then enter into the Lord’s heart, into his wounds, for that is the abode of divine mercy (GE,151).Jesus desires every type of healing for us, but the only one that is absolutely necessary is the one that brings us into eternal life.  Let’s pray for deep belief in that. For our reflection, Fr Paul invites us to consider, in what ways do I think God, who is love, wants to heal me?And today we pray:Spirit of God, reveal to me today the paralysis that keeps me from reaching out to you, and from walking the paths that you have for me.Give me a deep awareness of your desire that I spend eternity with you.In the power of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus I say ‘yes’ to your will for me this day.  We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen