Fr Paul reads from Mark’s Gospel (6: 53-56) in which people laid the sick everywhere Jesus went in the hope they might touch the fringe of his cloak and be healed.

Fr Paul says this reading sums up the activity of Jesus in this first part of his ministry in Galilee.  As the Gospel tells us, he is recognised everywhere as a healer: When the people see and recognise him, they go and bring all the people who are sick to him and they are cured.

At end of the Gospel, we hear that even just touching the hem, the very edge of his garment, was enough for the healing holiness of Jesus to have an effect.

As we do from time to time in these Gospel Reflections, Fr Paul says, we might pause today and call to mind, ‘What is in need of the healing touch of Jesus in my life at the moment? What areas of my life need that healing holiness of Jesus?’