Dedication of the Lateran Basilica in Rome

Fr Paul reads from the Gospel of John (2:13-22) in which Jesus drives the moneylenders from the temple in Jerusalem.

Today, Fr Paul says, we celebrate the feast of the Dedication of the Lateran Basilica and it might seem strange that we are pausing in our general calendar and in the life of our church to celebrate a building.  To give context, Fr Paul shares a bit of background about the Lateran Basilica and a photo of its interior.

The Emperor Constantine built the Lateran Basilica on Lateran Hill in Rome in about the year 324 AD. The feast of its dedication that, which we celebrate today, has been celebrated since about the 12th Century.

In honour of the Basilica, which is described as the mother and head of all churches of the city of Rome and the universal world in which we live, we simply celebrate this feast as a sign of unity and love.

For our reflection today, Fr Paul says we might call to mind for all those intentions we have in our hearts and remember that through the celebration of this feast, when we offer prayer in the church that prayer is joined to all the other churches, parishes and dioceses around the world. That is what is at the heart of our celebration today.