Fr Paul reads from the Gospel of John (12:1-11), which tells of Jesus’s return to family and friends in Bethany – to Martha, Lazarus and Mary.  We hear of Mary’s beautiful act in anointing the feet of Jesus with pure Nard worth 300 denarii.

Fr Paul asks us to keep in mind that one denarii in that time represented a day’s wage and 300 denarii was nearly a year’s salary.

In this Gospel Mary is a witness to generosity, devotion and love.

Even this, however, does not dispel the dark times ahead. Jesus has been threatened and his friend, Lazarus, has been added to the list.

Mindful that we have begun our Holy Week, we pause and reflect. It seems that we, too, are in dark times at the moment and the challenge for us is how can we be like Mary? How can we be generous in our world right now?

How can I be generous to those around me who may be in need?  How can I love and care for others at this time?