Feast of St Joseph the Worker

Fr Paul reads from the Gospel of John (14: 7-14) in which the Jesus says to his disciples ‘If know me, you know my father, too’.

Today we celebrate St Joseph the Worker and, Fr Paul tells us, this feast was added to our liturgical calendar by Pope Pius XII in 1955.

Joseph is presented in the Gospels as someone who worked with his hands, a carpenter. The church wanted to indicate that work is not just about productivity, but it is also about holiness.

In the Gospel of John, which we’ve heard today, Fr Paul notes, that Jesus regularly speaks of his mission as the work given to him by his Father; he talks of completing his work by the many works he did.  As the Gospel indicates those who believe in Jesus, they will do even greater works.

Following on from yesterday, as this theme continues, Fr Paul invites us to reflect on the question ‘Do I believe? What work can I do to continue the mission of Jesus today?’