Fr Prodencio Bognay reads from the Gospel of Matthew (8: 5-17 ) in a centurion approaches Jesus saying ‘I am not worthy to have you under my roof; just give the word and my servant will be cured’.

Fr Prodencio says the feeling of unworthiness is a common struggle among us believers. We look at our personal life in relation to our God and we rush to conclude that we are not worthy of God’s attention.

Deep inside each one of us, we know however, that the painful feeling of unworthiness is not helping us live our faith to its fullness.

To certain degrees, this is perpetuated by our false sense of humility. We think that by making our life miserable, we will win God’s favor.

By commending the faith of the centurion, Jesus gives us the message that the matter is not about whether we are worthy or unworthy.

It is rather about whether we believe or not.

If our working premise in our spiritual exercises is about reward and punishment, we can be stuck in the issue about worthiness.
If on the other hand, our goal is as simple as experiencing God in whatever situation we are into, all we need is the persevering faith like that of the centurion.

Fr Prodencio invites us all to pray then that may we grow in our faith.