Anne O’Brien, Director of Mission at St Agnes’ Catholic Parish, reads from the Gospel of Luke (12: 8-12) in which Jesus says ‘do not worry about how you to defend yourselves or what you to say, because when the time comes, the Holy Spirit will teach you what you should say’.   Anne says, today, Jesus is telling us he will always be there for us. He said I will never forget you I will hold you in the palm of my hands and this is what today’s Gospel is about. Jesus is saying that if we stand up for him, he’ll stand up for us.  He’s telling us that when we’re in tight situations and ask for help, he’ll help us find solutions.  We should know that Jesus is there for us in all circumstances, regardless of what we say or do, but if, in a difficult situation, we run away and hide, there’s nothing much he can do.  Jesus will forgive our mistakes and our cowardly moments because we are human but can only do so if we let him.  Even God cannot forgive someone who refuses forgiveness.  Jesus doesn’t force us to follow him: he wants disciples, not slaves. Anne asks, are we going to be his disciples?We all know from our ordinary daily lives that it’s impossible to help someone who thinks they don’t need help.  When we realise that we don’t have all the answers, that’s when we allow God to be God and take the lead for us.  We’re no longer alone.  We have the best defence possible.  What a difference! Anne asks, how lucky are we?In closing, Anne invites to pray:Loving Lord, be on my side.  When I think that I have all the answers and am in control, teach me humility.  God of my life, be the God of my love.    Amen.