Fr Paul reads from the Gospel of Mark (9: 2-13) in which the disciples Peter, James and John witness the transfiguration of Jesus. Fr Paul says, as the time for the Passion approaches (that is the suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus) we see the mood of the disciples changing. Jesus sustains them at this time by this vivid experience on the holy mountain, the holy mountain of revelation. On that mountain they see Jesus transformed. They see the transfiguration. They see Moses and Elijah. They see the brightness of his clothes.  All these are visual things they see.Fr Paul notes, we are told in the Gospel that the disciples are frightened, confused and overcome with awe, and yet, they are comforted. It is Peter who wants to prolong the experience by placing three tents on the mountain. Then, the mountain is covered in cloud and a voice from heaven echoes the same voice that was heard at Jesus’s baptism. The difference here, though, is that the voice speaks to the disciples not to Jesus. The voice tells the disciples to listen to Jesus and his teaching. The voice, in effect, has acknowledged the authority of Jesus – Jesus is God’s son, the Messiah, the one they are waiting for.For our prayer today Fr Paul says, we might just see into our own hearts, into our own lives, and see what areas need the presence of Christ at this time.