Fr Paul reads from the Gospel of Matthew (9: 14-17) in which Jesus is questioned about why his disciples do not fast when the those of John and the Pharisees often do so.Fr Paul says in this Gospel about Jesus and the Pharisees we can really see the difference between Jesus and his followers and the Pharisees. In this Gospel, Jesus is implying that the wait for the coming Messiah is over; the time for the wedding feast is now; the time has come; Jesus, the Messiah, is here.Then the Gospel finishes with the story of the wineskins, which tells us that Christianity will positively build on Judaism, taking it another step forward.Both these situations, that Jesus is the Messiah and that Christianity is to improve on Judaism, are just too hard for the Pharisees to accept and it is why so many of the Jews did not respond to the Gospel message.