Fr Paul reads from John’s Gospel (7: 40-52) where several people were questioning who Jesus is and where he comes from. Some said he is the prophet while others said he must be Christ, others say he was from Galilee while others argued that he was from Bethlehem.
Today in the Gospel, Fr Paul says how obvious the stubbornness of Jesus’ opponents are. Firstly, we hear they are still confused of where Jesus actually comes from. Does he come from Galilee or does he come from Bethlehem?

There is also confusion to about just who Jesus is. This hostility and stubbornness mounts with the use of sarcasm and leads to a situation where no argument will shake the hostility. No argument will move his stubbornness. Their hostility even overflows to one of their own, Nicodemus, who we hear at the end of the Gospel, who was wanting a fair hearing for Jesus. But again nothing will change the minds he was talking to.

Fr Paul asks us for our reflection today on this simple question, ‘how stubborn and how immovable am I?’.