Fr Paul reads from Matthew’s Gospel (23: 1-12) in which Jesus warns against hypocrisy.

After reading the Gospel, Fr Paul shares a little about the life of Pope St Pius X, whose memorial we celebrate today.

Pope St Pius was born in the village of Riece near Venice in 1835. He was one of ten children from a very, very poor family. He was ordained a priest at the age of 23 and he went on to become the Bishop of Mantua, then Venice. He was elected Pope in 1903 and was elected against his wishes.

As Pope, he strived to restore all things in Christ.  He revised the Code of Canon Law. He founded an institute for sacred scripture studies. He reformed the liturgy and he started the revision of the Latin translation of the Bible.

As Pope, he lived in great poverty and not long after his death there was a move to have him canonized.

It is said that when St Pope Pius died in 1914, it was because of a broken heart because World War 1 had broken out.

So today, Fr Paul says, we pray, St Pius X pray for us!