Fr Paul reads from the Gospel of Matthew (25: 14-30) in which Jesus tells his disciples the parable of the bags of gold, which the Master had entrusted to his servants to invest. After reading the Gospel Fr Paul shares a little about the life of St Monica, whose memorial we celebrate today.

Fr Paul says Monica was born at Thagaste in Africa and into a Christian family. She was married young, to Patricius, and among her children was Augustine who was to become St Augustine.

Augustine had a brilliant intellect, but he had uncertain morals and a wayward spirituality so with many tears, as a mother does, Monica prayed unceasingly to God for Augustine’s conversion. Her prayers were answered shortly before she died.

Monica had a deep faith, an outstanding virtue, and is a wonderful example of a Christian mother.

Today as we celebrate her memorial, Fr Paul invites us to pray, ‘St Monica, Pray for us!’