Fr Peter reads from Luke’s Gospel (14: 1, 7-11) in which Jesus challenges the Pharisees saying those that exalt themselves will be humbled and those who humble themselves will be exalted.

Fr Peter notes that today’s Gospel continues on from yesterday as we recall the Sabbath and what it means. Today gives an example from our Lord Jesus Christ in which he tells a parable, a beautiful story that highlights humility, a beautiful virtue. At times, there may be misconceptions about the word humility, thinking that to be humble means is be weak, rather than seeing humility as a strength.

Fr Peter says, we need to recall the times when we resort to the opposite, when we think we are better than anyone else when we let our pride dictate the way we think and the way we conduct ourselves. Deep down we know that is not a true reflection of who we are. It is just a part of our human condition, a reflection of our sinfulness where we truly need to seek that healing that God can offer us because of the sins we’ve committed.

One of those sins is pride so we need to make a change, make a difference, to allow  ourselves to learn from this parable. We may be invited to a  place where a meal is given to us and we may want to sit at a particular place at the table, not knowing that’s not where our due place is. When we are invited to enjoy the hospitality of others we need to truly place others first and ourselves last. If we do so then people, hopefully, will realise our faith is more than mere words. It is pure action. It is a great way to truly express ourselves in a way that allows others to know this person of faith is not just one who speaks but one who carries themselves in a way that expresses what they truly believe.

Fr Peter says, we ask God for the grace of the virtue of humility that as we place ourselves last may we place others first, more importantly, let us place God first in our life.