Fr Paul Gooley reads today from the Gospel of Mark (4: 35-41) in which Jesus calms a fierce storm that besets the boat he & his disciples were travelling in across the lake. Fr Paul says, sometimes, you have to think that Jesus certainly seems to have chosen a pretty dumb and unappreciative group of disciples. They do call him ‘Master’, but after all these wonders they have seen and experienced they still don’t really trust him. They still don’t know him and have no hesitation about addressing him rudely. However, once Jesus’ attention has been gained, once the disciples put their trust in him, he effortlessly fixes the situation. There is surely an echo of the prophet Jonah, who was sleeping through the storm and was awakened by the sailors to provide a solution. The purpose of this Gospel is to show that Jesus is acting as only God could act. For our reflection, Fr Paul asks: Are we just like the disciples? Are we just as slow and untrusting? Are we behaving as Jesus who was quietly snoozing, quite unconcerned about our troubles and concerns as we struggle, hopelessly, in the storms around us? Or have we learnt through the disciples that we can put our trust in Jesus; that Jesus can and does fix things in our lives when asked?