Today, Tony Worner, Leader of Formation, reads from the Gospel of John (11: 45-46) in which the opponents of Jesus begin to plot against him. Next week we begin Holy Week. Tony says in reading today’s Gospel, it jumps the first part of Chapter 11, the raising of Lazarus, which we hear on another Sunday. However, this story is in direct response to this episode where the authorities, the chief priests and Pharisees, call a meeting to determine Jesus’ fate. It seems ironic, that life given to Lazarus brings death to Jesus. As he approaches the end of his earthly life, Jesus retreats to the hill country of Ephraim, overlooking the Judean Desert, where his mission began three years earlier.  As we approach Holy Week, though unworthy, let us accompany Jesus in his darkest hours. In sharing the experience of your passion, may we also share that of your resurrection.