God knows your heart

Fr Paul reads from the Gospel of Luke (16:9-15) in which Jesus tells his disciples no servant can be the slave of two masters.

Fr Paul says, today’s Gospel continues the theme about money and, again, we have three lessons. The writer of Luke, who likes the number three, at beginning of the Gospel again warns of the danger of money; warns about the danger of wealth and the need to use it wisely by sharing it with those in need. That’s the first lesson of this Gospel.

The second is that you cannot expect someone who is generally untrustworthy to be trustworthy even about things that really matter.

The third lesson Luke teaches in this Gospel is that one can only have one real passion in life.

With these three lessons in mind, Fr Paul proposes three questions for our reflection today ‘Am I using what I have wisely?’ ‘Can I be trusted?’ and ‘What is my real passion in life?’