He must grow greater; I must become less

Fr Paul reads from the Gospel of John (3: 22-30) in which John the Baptist again bears witness to Jesus as the one who was promised.

Fr Paul says, this final Gospel in the series of readings after the Epiphany is the final one seen in the Gospel of John in relation to John the Baptist.  We hear that humility is needed to be a disciple.  We also learn of the humility of Jesus, who has learned how to baptise from John, and has begun to continue the same practice.

At the end of this Gospel we are reminded that it is not about our glory, or the glory of the apostles.

Fr Paul says, it is that the apostles must always be content to serve Jesus and we must be the same. It is not about seeking our own glory, but always about seeking the glory of Jesus. Fr Paul invites us to reflect on this as we continue our prayer today.