The first miracle
Fr Paul reads from the Gospel of John (2: 1-11) in which Mary comes to Jesus at a wedding feast in Cana saying, ‘they have no wine’ and he, reluctantly, performs his first miracle, changing water into wine.  Fr Paul says this reading from John is the symbolic beginning of Jesus’ ministry and it is full of riches. After the first reading from Isaiah it is impossible not to see this ‘sign’ (as John calls it) as a sign of that final wedding-feast of God and his people. Furthermore, in Jewish thought water represents the Law: in an arid land water is the sign of life and it is precious – so the Law of God is precious and gives life. Jesus transforms this water of the Law into the wine of the New Covenant – and does so in such generous quantities, over one hundred gallons of wine! Then there is Mary’s part: Jesus says his hour has not yet come, but Mary’s confident plea is a reminder to us of the power of her intercession. She will be mentioned no more in this Gospel till she is present at the Cross, sharing the passion of her Son and joined to the Beloved Disciple to form the first Christian community.Mindful of this Gospel and reflection, Fr Paul notes the Gospel Lesson for today: Never argue with your mother and, with God’s help, change is always possible.