Love your enemies

Fr Paul reads from Luke’s Gospel (6: 27-38) in which Jesus tells his disciples to love your enemies.

Fr Paul reminds us, that yesterday we had Luke’s version of the Beatitudes and it puts the emphasis on blessing those who are experiencing real dire need.

In today’s Gospel, Luke continues outlining our duty to respond to those in need, even if they are hostile and hate us.  The writer of Luke is saying to us that we cannot add up what we might get back.  At the end of the day, there should be no limit to what we lend or give.

At first it seems that the writer of Luke is talking about money but as the Gospel progresses the writer goes onto other forms and other acts of generosity – do not judge, forgive and we will be forgiven and, most importantly of all, be compassionate (as your Father is compassionate).

For our prayer and reflection today, Fr Paul invites us to think about ‘How can I be generous and compassionate to those around me at the present time?’