Fr Paul reads from John’s Gospel (5: 31-47) where Jesus speaks to the Jewish leaders about the four testimonies He has received about who He is and the work He does.

Today’s readings continue the confrontation Jesus has been having with the Jewish leaders in the temple. Fr Paul says Jesus in this Gospel cites the testimony which bears witness to him and if you critically look at today’s Gospels you will see there are four testimonies that Jesus refers to.

The first comes in verses 31-35 and that is the testimony of John the Baptist as to who Jesus is. In verses 35-36, the second testimony is from the works of the father has given to Jesus. In verses 37-38, we see the third testimony from the father himself. Lastly, in verse 39-47 we see the fourth testimony which are the scriptures. The Jewish leaders at the time, refused to accept these testimonies and they refused to accept who Jesus really is.

For our reflection today, Fr Paul asks us to consider this question, ‘do I really believe that Jesus is the Messiah?’