Fr Paul reads from the Gospel of Matthew (13: 47-53) in which Jesus shares the parable of the net to explain what the Kingdom of Heaven is like.In this Gospel, Fr Paul says, we hear again parables in relation to the Kingdom and, today, he concentrates on the last part of the Gospel, the final little parable of the scribe compared to the householder, who brings out of his treasury things both new and old. Fr Paul say he feels it is a bit of a self-portrait of the Gospel writer.  Remember, Matthew was a tax collector before becoming  a disciple so unlike some of the other disciples he would be able to read, count and make entries on a ledger.  Matthew has paid close attention to the scribes. It might also suggest that he was once a scribe himself. Mindful that the job of a scribe was to guide people by studying the scriptures and searching out their deeper meeting. We have constantly seen how Matthew keeps the Scriptures, more especially the prophecy of the Scriptures, in mind. He understands the words and deeds of Jesus in the light of those prophecies. So Matthew and his Gospel are like the scribe, who becomes the disciple by using the new and the prophecies of old.