After reading from the Gospel of John (13: 16-20) in which the Jesus tells his disciples that ‘no servant is greater than his master’, Fr Paul shares a little about St Catherine of Siena.

Today, Fr Paul says, we celebrate the life of St Catherine of Siena, who was born in Siena and entered the 3rd order of the Dominicans when she was still in her teenage years.

In 1370, after she had a vision, she left her secluded life and entered into the public life of the world.  In that time, she wrote many letters to major public figures and, especially, to Pope Gregory XI.  She bought about peace and harmony between cities.  She fought to defend the liberty and rights of the Popes and did much for the renewal of religious life.  She also dictated many books.

Catherine died on 29 April 1380 and was made a Doctor of the Church in 1970.

Fr Paul says on this day we ask for St Catherine of Siena to pray for us.